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They work hard to supply and deliver great products. Very helpful. Strong support staff

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Salmons Wholesale Nursery

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Ocala Florida


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Salmon's Wholesale Nursery sits on a 100 acres. We have several acres of greenhouse, shade houses, and open beds for plants and trees. We would love to have a chance to grow plants for your needs. Contact Salmon's to work out a growing plan that fits you.

We have two tractor with trailers. We also have a horse (Plant) trailer for smaller orders. You can set up your own private haulers or call Salmon's and we may be able to help recommend private hauling.

Liner sales are based on avaiability. Salmons grows their the mojority of their liners so we control the quality. We would like to grow your liners too. Please contact Joe Darley via email or phone call.

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ANLA American Nursery & Landscape Association
FNGLA Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association
IPPS International Plant Propagator’s Society

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